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"If you are like most people, I bet you’d like more out of this life than you are currently experiencing. Maybe you are not succeeding in all the ways you desire in life. Perhaps you are less than fully satisfied with your progress.  


At this time next year, what will you be thankful you spend your time on during the next 12 months? 


I know that making a big life change is pretty scary. It takes courage to let go of the familiar. But do you know what is even scarier? Regrets! Hope is not a strategy and the the longer you wait, the greater the odds that you are never going to actually do it." 


Private Coaching with Kevin

​During my coaching sessions we will establish a relationship where the total focus is on you, on what you want in your life, and on what will help you achieve it. I will help you clarify your goals and provide the tools for action and learning that lead to the results you want. I will listen to you without judgement and empower you to finally break free of those self-limiting conversations.


You will have a relationship with someone who will absolutely tell you the truth- the truth about where you are strong, and where you sell yourself short; someone who sees how big you can be and constantly holds that big image for you - even when you can't hold it yourself. I will hold you accountable and keep moving you forward to your dreams and goals. 

You get to talk to me every week, after you've had some great successes or after you've just made a mess of things. We will celebrate your victories and learn from setbacks. This is the place you visit regularly and consistently... to consolidate, to integrate, and to push on.​ At the core of life coaching is the belief that every person has the capability to be, do and have anything he or she desires. Areas I focus on include: Physical and mental well-being, health and fitness, work/life balance, career, relationships, personal growth and parenting. 

The Coaching Format

​For the first 3 months (this is the minimum length required to get results) we will have one coaching session every two weeks with life-changing exercises via video call for 60 mins. In addition, we will have a very important accountability e-mail in between sessions to keep you on track. We will touch base every single week to make sure that you stick to your word and make the desired progress. I only coach 3 people at a time to make sure I can support each client 100%.​ In three to twelve months from now, you will look back and be grateful for having started your personal journey to success and happiness with me.

Free discovery call

If you are serious about making lasting changes in your life then I'd like to invite you to a complimentary discovery call with me for 30mins. This is not a typical sales call, so there are absolutely no strings attached. Don't worry.  

The free discovery call is my gift to you and and is held via Zoom. During the call we will evaluate your situation, dive deeply into what you want to achieve, discover why it is important to you and the possible positive impact it could have on your life. This will also be our opportunity to find out whether we are a good fit for each other.


Simply fill out the contact form to get in touch with me. I will then send you a separate email with a document for our call as well as a link. Every session is 100% confidential. 

Private Coaching Packages

My Coaching Packages are custom made and based on clients' requirements. If you would like to learn more about private coaching than hop on a free discovery call with me to see where you need help the most. 

3 months of coaching: 6 sessions + accountability mails/calls

6 months of coaching: 12 sessions + accountability mails/calls

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